8 Reasons You Need a Pet

Posted: Jan 24 2018


January 24th is National Compliment Day. A good and sincere compliment can boost one’s confidence and validate their hard work. We give compliments to our family, significant other, friends, and coworkers, but what about our furry friends too? Whether you have a cat, dog, bunny, or even a snake, all pets really know how to cheer us up. Let’s reflect on what we admire about our pet and why we need them in our lives.

1. Pets Provide Loving and Constant Companionship

Everyone's got their best friends, but we still feel lonely sometimes. As we age, loneliness can lead to depression and other mental, or physical health problems. People are not always around when you need them, but pets are. They provide us with unconditional love and gratitude, and they are happy just being in our presence. You can always count on them whenever you need someone to be around.

2. Pets Help Reduce Stress

Studies show that playing with or petting a pet helps decrease one’s blood pressure, which also helps to relieve stress. Our relationship with our pets is non-judgmental and positive. Whenever we feel stressed out, we can always be ourselves around them and engage with them.



3. Pets Can Enhance Your Mood

We all have those moments in our lives when we feel down and think no one cares about us. But as soon as you see their wagging tail, you know you’ll always have a snuggle partner who cares about you. Let them put their head in your lap. They’ll immediately perk you up and make you happy again.


4. Pets Are the Best Exercise Buddies

People often find it hard to get into a regular exercise routine, and it's so easy to skip it. Having a pet can be a great way to make exercise a part of your daily plan. Whether it’s a routine walk in the park or quick stroll around the block, you and your pet can both benefit from physical exercise. If you have a dog that loves outdoor adventures, it motivates you to get out too. Other activities related to pets like feeding, bathing, playing and cleaning are also good ways to exercise.



5. Pets Help You Socialize

Sometimes it can be hard to meet new people, but it can be much easier for pet parents. Dog parents get the chance to meet new people on their daily walks or even at the park. When your dog gets excited to play with other dogs, it is likely that you will stop and say hello to other pet parents too. If you have a pet, you are more likely to attend charitable events to help animals with other pet lovers alike. It can even be easier to strike up a conversation with someone new when you have a common interest such as your pet.


6. Pets Teach You To Be More Responsible

No matter what type of pet you get, it will require you to take care of it. Being responsible for another living being can help you be more responsible in the rest of your life too. According to the American Pet Product Association’s 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 58% of pet owners say their pets help teach their kids to be responsible. From helping feed their pet, washing their dishes, and putting their toys away at the end of the day, kids and adults learn the value of routine and good habits.



7. Pets Increase Your Non-Verbal Communication Skills

A pet cannot speak, so you have to learn new ways to read their body language and understand their personal cues. This talent can easily transfer into your daily social life when interacting with other people. It is said that more than 90% of communication is nonverbal. Having a good grasp on non-verbal communication can help you form stronger relationships with your pet and in your personal life.


8. Pets Love You Unconditionally

We know that our pets love us and this is what makes them so great. No matter how bad our day, no matter how stressful our job, and no matter how tired we are, when we get home, we will always be greeted by a happy hyperactive dog or a purring cat. And they’re always deliriously ecstatic to see us. It is the best feeling. They don’t care about who we are, what we do, or how we look. They love us unconditionally.



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  • Posted by Sandy Weinstein on January 24, 2018

    i think everyone should at least one pet, the more the merrier. they provide you with unconditional love, and lots of hugs and kisses. People with pets are known to be happier, healthier and in better shape. Pets lower your blood pressure as well. pets teach kids responsibility, because as a kid you have to learn to take care of something or someone. Pets help people with disabilities or social issues by providing them comfort and helping with live a normal life.

  • Posted by Cynthia Stacey on January 24, 2018

    People should have a pet for many reason. I saw an article on TV, where they are trying to pair pets with elderly people to give them companionship, positive responsibility, unconditional love, social outlet, exercise, stress reduction and mainly a purposes or reason for living. As an older adult, often you loose all of your responsibility along in independence and having a pet in many ways covers those losses.

    For me, my house is empty without a pet. In the evening I usually am surrounded by all of our pets – one at my neck on the back of the couch, one at my feet and one beside me on the couch. What a wonderful comfort for me.

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