Posted: Nov 01 2016


Your kitties natural instinct is to hunt. Let us answer your questions to make sure your cat is having fun while being safe!


Are all cats “hunters”?

Cats are natural born hunters. They’re considered an obligate carnivore as eating meat is essential for their survival. Their sharp claws and teeth, and superior vision greatly enhance a cat’s predatory skills. Hunting to catch and eat prey is usually taught to a kitten by their mother. However, even if a kitten loses their mother, cats still have a natural instinct to chase, pounce, and catch small moving objects.


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Why does my cat want to kill other animals?

Cats usually kill for one of two reasons: survival and instinct. Non-domesticated cats must kill in order to survive. Domesticated cats do not necessarily kill because they are hungry but because it is instinctual. Cats enjoy hiding, stalking, pouncing and chasing because it is a part of who they are.


Should I let my cat hunt animals?

Letting your kitty hunt animals can be dangerous to their health. It is common for parasites to hitch rides or be consumed by small prey animals like rats, mice and birds. In addition, secondary poisoning from ingesting poisoned rodents or other animals can be fatal. Larger animals also pose a threat in potentially injuring your cat. It is recommended to keep cats inside and away from prey and predators. If you do want your cat to enjoy the activity of hunting outdoors, but not harm or be harmed by another animal, try using a bell on their collar. This will alert the other animal that your kitty is on its way and give them a chance to escape.



What’s a hunting alternative?

The best alternative to hunting is interactive cat toys that will help to satisfy this instinct. A few toys to consider are…


  • Wild Instincts: This assortment of striking plush cat toys brings the wild inside with realistic butterflies, moths, and other catnip filled critters that will appeal to cats of all stripes. These fun plush cat toys are filled with 100% pure catnip and feature crinkly wings, soft natural feather antennae and eye-catching colors.

  • Categories Bounce Baton Feather Wand: This fun wand toy is designed to promote shared play time that will help strengthen the bond between you and your cat. With a long wand and bright feathers, the Bounce Baton Feather Wand can be used to encourage a cat's natural instinct to stalk and chase.

  • Categories Flutter Flyer: This 2-in-1 electronic wand toy can be hand held, or stand alone for hours of stalking, batting, and pouncing fun. The tantalizing butterfly flutters and spins appealing to a cat’s natural hunting instincts.


  • Categories Rollaround Mouse: This easy to use, touch activated mouse toy makes kitty playtime engaging and exciting. With sporadic spin and roll motions, and colorful feathers your cat will have hours of healthy exercise cleverly disguised as batting and pouncing fun.


These are just a few of the many toys designed with a cat’s needs in mind. Remember, when a cat is able to exercise their instincts, they become less stressed, healthier and happier!


Your kitty won't know the difference between this #wildinstincts toy and a real critter 🐞🐛🐝

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