Posted: Jul 04 2016


As fun as this day can be, this is one of the most dangerous times for pets. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe on the 4th of July!



1. Turn Up The Volume

Sometimes it’s best to introduce the scary sound of fireworks prior to the real deal. Recordings of fireworks, explosions, thunder, etc. will help desensitize your pet. Start with a low volume and eventually work your way up. Playing these sounds during playtime will also help associate them with positive experiences.

photo via @westleybmd


2. Open Up The Treat Jar.

If your pet is treat driven, there is no better time to use this as a distraction. This goes for toys as well. So consider stocking up on your dog or cat’s favorite treats and toys to make their night as comfortable as possible.

photo via @bellalovesalex



3. Safe Zone.

For anxious pets, a crate provides the feeling of security. Leave the door open and let your pet hide when he’s feeling nervous.

photo via @lonemic



4. Stay Cool.

Reassuring your pet with constant attention, and saying “it’s okay” over and over again, may actually reinforce their nervousness and fear. Show some love, but stay cool. Your pet will be able to sense if you’re giving off a calm vibe!

 photo via @cosmo.the.boxer



5. Update ID.

As an extra precaution make sure your pet’s ID tags are up to date. Also, having your pet wear a unique bandana or collar throughout the night will help identify them incase they were to get lost. Plan for the worst, hope for the best!

 photo via @toastiegirl01



6. Homebody.

Keep your four-legged friend inside for safety and comfort purposes! There has been many cases where dogs and cats have bolted from their pet parents at the sound of fireworks, or just been traumatized by being in a new, busy environment. The easiest solution… keep your pet at home!


 photo via @sebastianlovesluna



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