Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Pet Parents

Posted: Jan 11 2018


Every year most of us list down our aspirations for ourselves and promise to improve ourselves or pay it forward for others in the new year. As pet parents, we often make such promises to our furry family members too. Now is the perfect time to revisit what is important for our pets.

Here are our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions to be better pet parents:


1. Measure Your Pet’s Food - Every Time!

When feeding their pets, many owners will “eyeball” their pet’s daily food. Did you know that this may cause overfeeding and weight gain? Measuring your pet’s food can have many benefits. When you measure your pet’s food, you are able to quantify how much they are eating and ensure they are not taking in more calories than they need. Pet obesity is a serious problem and 50 percent of pets in the U.S. are classified as overweight. Just like with humans, the first thing to evaluate is the food. The recommended feeding guidelines on the bag are a good place to start to figure out how much food they really need. Measuring your pet’s food can also help you estimate when you need to get more food, so you can avoid emergency food runs. It can also help you budget pet expenses better.

2. Feed a Healthier Diet and Treats

Always choose an age-appropriate diet for your pet. Growing pets have very specific nutrient requirements to ensure their bodies grow healthy and strong, while some senior pets may need food with fewer calories. Choosing a diet specifically tailored to your pet’s life stage is a great way to keep them in optimal health. Also, never feed your pet table scraps. Stick to high-quality food and offer some healthier snack options, such as carrots, apples, canned pumpkins, or homemade pet treats.


3. Exercise Together

Just like watching food intake, exercise is critical for keeping your pet fit. If you’ve made a New Year's resolution to exercise more often this year, why not take your dog outside more this year? Exercising together not only gets you both moving and grooving, it is a great time to bond and get some fresh air together. Routine walks are great, but what about mixing it up and going on a hike or seeking new adventures? When you want to stay at home on rainy days, you could try some doga (aka. dog yoga). You can also make more time to play with them and give them fun interactive toys such as our Categories cat toys and Chew Shoes dog toys.

4. Set Up Playdates

Interaction with other animals is essential for your pet’s mental health, and can help vastly improve their social skills. Plus, they’re a lot of fun for pet owners too! Visit the dog park, take a walk together, or invite your friends and their pets over for a great day indoors or outside.


5. Try a New Activity

Just like humans, pets can get bored with the same old routine day in and day out. Resolve to try something new with your pet. Choose a new activity that you can both try together, like swimming or hiking. It’s a great way to bond, it’ll get you both out of the house, and both owner and pet will benefit from the healthy physical activity. Meet-up groups are a great way to find like-minded pet parents to join you in your exercise too!


6. Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Regularly

Home dental care is one of the best ways to help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. Dental health is just as important in pets as it is in humans. Dental disease in pets can lead to infection and abscesses in the mouth, as well as affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. A daily brushing helps eliminate tartar, prevent dental disease and protects your pet’s overall health. Annual dental checkups will be easier for both you and your pet. Other than that, good dental treats or teeth cleaning products can also help with your pet's dental health. Our slow feeder bowl DentaDish is a clinically proven dog bowl that cleans teeth while dogs eat. It can help reduce the formation of plaque, tartar and gingivitis.


7. Get Your Groom On

Both dogs and cats need to get groomed regularly. Grooming is about maintaining both your pet’s physical health as well as their appearance. It removes excessive fur from the coat, reducing the amount you find on your clothes and furniture. It helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. Grooming is also an important aspect of the human-animal bond. So don’t delay, pick up a brush and get your groom on!

8. Schedule a Check-up

Just like humans, pets need to visit the vet once per year; for older pets, the visits should be more frequent. So while you’re scheduling your yearly tune-ups, don’t forget to make an appointment to take your pets to the vet as well. Comprehensive exams by a veterinarian can help catch illness early. 


9. Update Pet Info

Over the course of a year, a lot can change—people move, get new phone numbers, and people are often so busy that they forget to update their pet’s tags. Next thing you know, you'll only realize once your pet is lost. You should always update your pet’s ID tags and microchip information immediately to ensure they make their way home safely if they get lost.

10. Start a Pet Savings Fund

When you are making your New Year's resolution for saving money, make sure to include your pet in on this one! As our pets get older, their medical needs can be quite expensive. Start saving up now! Parents save money for their children to go to college, us pet owners should also start a savings account just for emergency pet expenses. Having some extra cash will ensure that you can always get your pet the best care possible.


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