Posted: Jan 30 2017


With our furry friends sleeping anywhere from 12-16 hours a day, us kitty parents have to make sure our cats are getting proper exercise. According to APOP (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention), 58% of cats are overweight. Only 2 pounds can significantly affect your cat’s health and potentially lead to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart and respiratory disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and even forms of cancer. 

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We get it, exercising your cat can be tricky! Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as taking a dog for a walk and throwing a ball around at the park. A cat’s natural instinct is to stalk, plan, and expend as little energy as possible. Indoor-only cats tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle and usually require more stimulation than indoor/outdoor cats. Interactive cat toys are a good way to bring out the hunter and playful side of your cat, while providing much needed aerobic exercise.

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The use of natural feathers, organic catnip, lights and sound, engage cats on an instinctual level. Interactive toys, along with regular playtime, help provide cats with a fun and exciting environment.

Interactive cat toys also increase the bond between pet parent and feline. This interactive play not only lets the parent and pet share the fun, it encourages kitty’s physical and mental well-being. Our goal with R2P Pet interactive toys is to improve playtime between cats and their parents with unique toys that drive interaction and satisfaction.

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Here are few interactive cat toys to consider for your kitty:

The Categories Kicker Mat is four kinds of fun wrapped up into the ultimate cat toy! This versatile toy functions as a kicker, mat, sack and wand toy.


The Categories Glow Tail Wand features a soft, long tail with bright LED lights inside. With a simple click you can choose three different light speeds that will captivate and stimulate your cat.


The Categories Zany Cat Ball electronic cat toy twists, turns, rocks, and rolls all by itself! Blinking lights and enticing feathers encourage a cat’s natural instinct to pounce, chase and play.


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