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Best cat toy ever

I bought this Kitty Condor at Petsmart a year ago. Both of my cats love this toy above all others. I never could find another one until I found this web site. This is their favorite of favorites. They fight over it. It is ugly and I wasn't sure I wanted it at the time, but there wasn't anything else around. I am SO glad I bought it. I have a shoe box full of toys and they will dig until they find this one. It is the best!

Great Toys

My dog loves these toys. He will not play with any other toy.


I found this little toy I think at a Petco or Petsmart and I decided to buy it for my spoiled kitty and its save to say THIS IS HER FAVORITE TOY. She licks it, she plays with it, and its still in one piece! I am buying her another one for christmas but I think I am still going to keep this one for her since she loves it so much!!


Silly Bums Woodland Animals Small

Henry loves his Silly Bums

Henry picked out the Raccoon Silly Bum as his favorite. He gave the Bunny Bum to his cousin Sassy in Virginia. The Foxy Bum will be a Christmas gift for his Cousin Lulu in Akron, Ohio.

Fun toy!

All the dogs at our canine hydrotherapy business love these Sprong balls! They are so hard to find. So happy you carry them!

Cute & fun

My cat likes them, but they aren’t crinkly like Bacon & egg which are his favorites

Best cat toys

My cat will only play with these toys ! He is obsessed ! The pizza and taco toys are so cute!

Excellent Cat Toys

My cat absolutely loves the Mad Cat toys!

Silly Bums are the bomb!!

Best toys ever!! The dogs love them.

Zany bunch

My dog LOVES squeaky toys. I like that there are 2 in them so they last longer.

Nothing better than Bums

Undoubtedly, my dogs favorite toy. Silly Bums plush chew toys are the ONLY toys that he will play with.

Great toy

Bella loves her new toy I just wished it came in smaller size. I love that she can make it make noise by just shaking it. She is very small and loves to hear it.

Zany ball review

My dog loves the zaby balls. They are quite rugged and because they bounce erratically he loves them. It is one of the only kind of balls he will chase as a normal tennis ball has lost its appeal.

Very cute and dog loves it

These are so cute and my dog loves the rattling paper inside and squeaker!

Slowed down my gulper

My two dogs have sensitive stomachs and completely different eating styles. The DentaBowls have successfully slowed them down to a similarly slow rate their stomachs can manage. Then there is the added benefit that their gums are being stimulated and front teeth are being 'brushed' gently by the soft rubber cones lining the bowl. I am no longer cleaning up semi-digested food 45 minutes after my dogs eat. Everyone seems happier. Most especially me!

Zany Bunch Ziggler Giggler Big Dog Bundle

my dogs loved this bundle. the noise the toy makes is funny, I can see why they love it. they would run with it and shake them! unfortunately, my dog tore them up quickly, so I learned to get tougher toys for is rough chewing.

R2 pet toys

Our fur babies loves their R2 pet toys.


Categories Catnip Cat Toy Bundle

A well designed toy

Lightweight, with multiple parts (legs) for cats to grasp.

Better breath and cleaner teeth.

These bowls really work! My female Yorkipoo always had bad breath. But this bowl fixed it. I'm leary about anthesia for teeth cleaning and have not put my dog through this because the Vet says her teeth and gums look very healthy. I attribute all of this to DentaDish.

Magic Meowshroom is Magic!

Our cat instantly loved his Magic Meowshroom! It has become a favorite toy that he enjoys day after day. This is a high quality, durable toy that continues to provide ongoing enjoyment to our furry friend.


Out dog loved them!

Best cat toy - ever

My 3 cats have no shortage of toys, most of which they never play with. Enter Catnip Cuddler Kitty Condor! All 3 of them love this toy. I have given it as a gift to friends' cats, and all of them said their cats love it.

Happy dog

Love your dog toys

Cats loves these toys, but there's a flaw with them

My cats love this - they can play with them for hours. The one big problem is that the wire that is used to hold the butterflies will break after a few months, as the cats can bend it during play. If the wire used was a tad thicker, this product would get 5 stars.

R2P Pet, always spectacular!

Loved the Zany Giggler Flamingo and interactive ball we got for Trapper, but, shhhh! Don't tell. They are birthday surprises! Can't wait to give them to him November 20. Birthdays here pass with great fanfare, including doggie friendly ice cream and home made biscuits!

This will be our sixth Giggler toy, so Trapper gets about eight weeks out of each.

Its awesome that r2p pet offers bundles. This is like getting the second one for half price!

Thank you for making Trapper's birthday special!!


The first review I put butterflies instead of insects but everything still applies.

Wild Instincts Toys

The toys are crinkly, have feathers and catnip in the body of the butterflies. The cats loved them. One of my cats throws them in the air to play with them. Both cats love to chase when the butterflies are thrown and theses are easy to throw. Very durable and still look new after 6 months of play. The feathers may get town off.

The cats loved these!

The toys are crinkly, have feathers and catnip in the body of the butterflies. The cats loved them. One of my cats throws them in the air to play with them. Both cats love to chase when the butterflies are thrown and theses are easy to throw. Very durable and still look new after 6 months of play. The feathers may get town off.

My Buddy carries it around like a blanket!

Wherever he is, there it is! He brings it to me and drops it in my hand. Loves his toy.

MY pups love it

I have Great Danes and as big as they are they still love to gave this toys and toss them in the air and make them squeak !! Excellent toys.

So surprised!

My 2 cats have always gotten bored with so many of the toys I have gotten them. And they usually don't like the same things but they both go crazy over this toy. I call it Mr. Chicken and they know which toy it is. I love this toy so much I ordered 2 for my sister. It really holds up well except for the red feathers. They didn't last too long but it didn't effect the cat's love for it. So I really recommend this cute little toy!

my cats love these

Time for me to order again. One of my cats have these near them at all times, carrying it around and keeping it near their bed

My cats LOVE these toys

They have been playing with them continuously for weeks! The ice cream cone was missing (under the couch) for awhile and when it was recovered, it was like Christmas for them haha

my dog's favorite

Sprongs are my dog's absolute favorite toy. I wish I could find them in more places and in more varieties.

Kitty loves it!

Keeps Buddy happy!

Mad Cat Fiesta Bundle

Punkin loves playing with all her new toys. She especially likes the ones with strings on them like the taco, pineapple, shrimp, carrot and flamingo. She cuddles the smaller cucumber and ice cream cone. She’s had them for several months now and still plays with them everyday. They are very well made with soft but durable material with a hint of catnip for long lasting enjoyment. Excellent toys.


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Zany Bunch Ziggler Giggler Big Dog Bundle


Zany Bunch Ziggler Giggler Big Dog Bundle

His favorite toy!

This is my cats favorite toy! We ordered backups in case he loses one! So cute!

Kitty Crack !

Not sure that is appropriate for a review so I apologize... but honestly this toy is so amazing ! My cat plays with a toy for 30 seconds and is bored... he absolutely loves the kitty condor!! It was given to him as a gift but it was so worn out. So happy to find this website! Thank you

Best Toy!!!

This is my cat’s favourite toy in the entire world. She loves it so much that she brings it to the water bowl with her (and sometimes gets him very, very soggy) and even though she hates when her toys get wet, she plays with this pineapple no matter WHAT. Best purchase!!

My dogs tiys

Got it pretty quickly.
They were all great and fun
He is a smaller dog and loves the squeak

Mad Cat Tabby Taco

I bought the taco as a gift for my sister’s two kittens. They loved it! The one dove into the envelope, grabbed the toy, and wouldn’t even wait for my sister to take it off the packaging!

Great toy!

Our dog simply loves all of the silly bums toys. They have that wonderful crinkly sound and they are great to shake and throw around!


My fur baby loves the Rawhiders


Categories Knitty Kitty 2 Pack

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