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Awesome for my chewers!!

I gave these to my young Great Danes and as I'm writing this one of them is going to town on the knotted bone and hasn't made a dent. These are awesome toys!

Loves it!

We have at least 30 dog toys but for one of my Shih Tzus, these are the only toys that exist. She seems to love the shape and the material. However, I concur that they are definitely for light chewers and would not last long with a more aggressive chewer.

Loved the Sprong Cone and Dome!

Our pup, Trapper, loved this ball! While soft and flexible, this toy really held up to our aggressive chewer! He was able to remove the squeaker and some of the velvet has worn off, but Trapper hasn't been able to chew the ball into pieces and he really loves playing with it. Thanks R2P!!

Silly Bums Woodland Animals

Thank you for the lightning fast shipping! These toys are IMPOSSIBLE to find!! So glad you have them!
I cannot say enough about these! Both my Dobie and my Shellion absolutely adore these toys! They're fairly rugged; although not indestructible. I ENCOURAGE pet Moms and Dads to give 'm a go!

My dogs are hiding them from each other!

I have the large wishbone, knotted bone, and the large bone. I also have Great Danes and they have loved them from the first day I brought them home!

gnabber stretchy coil

Dakota loves playing with it when we can't go outside!

Flex stick

my lab loves to play fetch with it. It's a very durable toy and easily seen in the grass. It's the first thing he grabs when we go out to play!

Favorite toy

My Rottweilers favorite toy, she has carried her new red sprong ball all day!! Hard to believe she doesn’t tear them up


Chew Shoes Mythical Bundle Small

Great squeaker buddy toy

My dogs favorite toy to play tug with us. Lots of squeakers , thick and heavy and well sewed with nice thick plush fabric. Our dog weighs 20 lbs . He doesn’t tear toys apart but does pull and shake this quite hard with his teeth. He has never been able to rip out the stuffing as he’s done with some toys. Definitely a higher quality than pet store type of flimsy plush toys. The size is great too. I bought 2 backups because I’m afraid I can’t get another in the future and he plays with it several times a day

Zany dog toys

They’re great! My dogs love them! Nice size for large dogs. Good price also!

Cat loves them!

My cat has never been too crazy about catnip toys but he absolutely loves these! I often catch him rolling around with them and tugging on the leg strings. And they’re super cute!


Great product - my dog loves this toy.

Five star cat toys

My cats really like these and they're good quality.

Love Rawhiders Filet-O-Fun!

These are literally the only chewable toy my dog loves!! I have been searching everywhere for these and finally found them!! Keeps her occupied for hours!!


They were GREAT, just didn't last too long with Radar the dalmatian.

Cats mad for Mad Cat Bundle!

My daughter’s cats loved their new toys! They couldn’t wait to get them out of the box. I bought them because they kept getting into my cat’s toy box and going straight for th e crawfish!

great toy


Love the dragon

the toy is very durable. My dogs love playing with it!

Dog Loves It

These are my dogs favorite toys. They are soft and lightweight, easy for indoor play. (we have to remove the squeakers, or he will chew them out.)
Wish they made them slightly bigger so that they didn't roll under furniture.

Favorite Toy Ever

My Dog Jasper loves these Silly Bums!!! They are so hard to find,I'm so glad to have come across r2ppet website.

Love it

Cannot find these anywhere anymore, and theyre the only toys our dog will play with. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP MAKING THEM! Thanks! :)


This is my cats favorite toy!!


My cats adore this!


My cats love this!

Happy is happy!

Happy, our small golden retriever mix rescue dog, loves the toys that make the giggle sound. She has the lamb and the goofy looking bird. She loves all her stuffed animal toys but those 2 are her favorites. Wish you had more.

Awwww! We are happy that Happy is happy :P
Love Sprong

Small Sprong hex ball is the only ball my lab will play with. She's 9 yrs old and for the past 7 years that's the ONLY ball she wants. They are very hard to find. Stores do not carry them anymore. Thank goodness I can order from you otherwise my dog would not be playing ball anymore!! Truthfully that is the ONLY ball she wants in and out of the water!

Dogs favorite toy

We bought a single sillybum toy several years ago and the dogs love it, sadly, they all but destroyed it. So, we got these as replacements and they love them and is probably their favorite toy. The only downside is instead of having one squeaky toy bearing heard, sometimes it's three now.

My cat is nutty over this toy

I don’t know of what it is about this thing, but I buy these in bulk because my cat loves them so much. We call it his Bubba Gump Shrimpy. He throws them around, chases them everywhere, licks them, and presents them to me like gifts. It’s adorable and he has a great time with them. And I like knowing that he has something he will play with by himself while I’m at work.


Mad Cat Animal Bundle

Silly Bums Wild Animals Large Bundle
Best Bums Ever!!

You might say we kind of cheated? I don’t know because we already had a Silly Bum (small size) so we knew our dog was going to love them and just as we thought she does. They are actually the best toys she has because she can’t destroy them!! like she does the other toys we have bought for her. Thank you!!!


Silly Bums Woodland Animals Small Bundle


Best cat toys ever!! My kitties have the whole series of these toys . Even my cats not attracted to catnip love the silvervine in the toys
Highly recommended !!

Cat's favorite thing to hunt

This bird is our cat's favorite thing to hunt at night. We can hear him trilling as he parades around with it in his mouth. A big hit!

One shot

Bought this afternoon, tested by Neron, 3 monthes old daschund, slowed him, but he destroyed bristles at once to get his food....

Amazing Quality Products

I ordered silly bums for our 2-labradors for Christmas and the quality was better than I get in the pet stores around town!!! We will order Again from R2P Pet Again!!

Thank you

My GSD loves the sprong toys. They’re difficult to find anymore so these made her Christmas.

My Kiki Loves It

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my Kiki. She loves it and immediately started playing with it, rubbing it on her face and biting it. it's large but it doesn't seem to matter to Kiki. She carries it around.

Awesome toys

I have 5 cats and they all love these toys. The are the best cat toys I have ever bought !

Best Dog Toy purchase for dachshunds!

My 3 dachshunds started getting excited as soon as they saw me taking these toys out of the packing box, and proceeded to jump and play with them until they got tired, at which point they laid down on top of them to make sure they didn't "leave"! Then, as soon as they got up the next morning, they immediately got them out of the toy basket for round 2, and have been carrying them around with them all day!


DentaDish Large Dog Twin Pack

Dog's favorite!

This is my dogs favorite toy! He is a 100lb red lab & most toys do not last with him-these last. We give him one of these every Christmas & he gets so excited! The toy part lasts forever. We have only ever had 1 toy part broken & that was due to being run over with the lawnmower (oops!).

Silly Baboon

My dog loves your silly bumm toys

Amazing and heavy duty

I have had this yarn ball since my baby kittens were 6 weeks old and they are now 8 months old. I’ve had the same ball and they play with it all the time!!

Gnabber Flex stik

My dog loves them! Beats having to go to the woods to cut one. It doesn't cause a bloody mouth either! They don't chew up very fast either!

Repeat happy customer

I buy for my kitty and my 2 grandkitties. I have loved everything I have purchased from here (or I should say the kitties have love it!!) Thank you. :)

Mad Cap Flingin Flamingo

This is my cats favorite toy. She plays with them for hours.
Great product

Sprong hex ball large

My dog loves them..
Rhodesian Ridgeback

Silly Bums Wild Animals Large Bundle
Nice toys

Very nice toys for the money with the Black Friday savings.

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