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Categories Zany Cat Ball

The Categories® Zany Cat Ball electronic cat toy twists, turns, rocks, and rolls all by itself! Blinking lights and enticing feathers will drive your cat crazy, while also encouraging its natural instinct to pounce, chase, and play. This touch activated cat toy will provide your cat with hours of fun and exercise.

Comes in assorted colors, please allow us to choose one for you.



The innovative ideas behind Categories cat toys come to life using the latest technology on the market today. From independent play to interactive fun – our toys are the cat’s meow!


Our Categories interactive toys help increase the bond between owner and feline. This interactive play not only let’s the owner and pet share the fun, it encourages kitty’s physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to improve play time between cats and their parents with unique toys that drive interaction and satisfaction.

stimulating fun

Indoor-only cats need more stimulation than indoor/outdoor cats. Our Categories cat toys, along with regular playtime, help provide cats with 
a fun and exciting environment. The use of natural feathers, organic catnip, lights and sound engage cats on an instinctual level and satisfy cat parents on an emotional one.


*Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy.

Customer Reviews

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This thing wouldn't leave me alone in the store! It kept activating all the other zany cts on the hook and it was like a circus watching all of them jump around reactivating one another! Anything that made me laugh that hard hard t come home to meet the cats! When I got home, the batteries were worn out! Well, I could understand that! So I changed the batteries without any problems. (I have have computer geeks so I have small screw drivers that helped having the exact size.)
I put zany down and let her rip! Cats came from all over to see what the noise was. Doug was his usual standoffish self, Maya followed it everywhere and kept grabbing the feathers and turning it back on, Rocket jumped then followed it with interest. The more it ran the funnier they got, Doug started crawling under things trying to get it out! (It can also be used as a mini Roomba for dust, etc) Maya just loves it. She chases it all day long! Rocket comes running when he hears it. He won't start it but wants to play when it does.
Thank you for creating such an ingenious toy that the cats can't get hurt on and are actually interested in! They really do love it! I will be buying one for all my sisters and their cats!

Great exercise for my little butterball.

I have four rescue cats of all ages and only one will play with it. The other three run from it when it turns on. Five stars would be given if all played but seeing only one will play with it I have to give it a four. The one that does play with it just loves it and caught on quick as to how to keep it running by hitting it. It does make some noise and I think that's why the other three cats run. Over all I'm happy with it since my one cat that is getting older and a little over weight is the one that plays with it. Great exercise and I can hear it at night so my cat is just obsessed with it.

My cats love it!!

I just bought one of these last night for my cats. They love it!! A couple of them like to sneak up if it's behind another one and activate it. All 5 of the cats have been playing with it. My husband turned it off last night when we went to bed and they still played with it. Definitely will recommend it to others.

The best!

Such a fun thing. The cat loves it and we love to watch her playing with it. The only drawback is that it's such a favorite that the batteries only last a few days (even buying the most long life versions--forget the ones that come with) and changing them is a royal pain requiring screwdriver (don't lose the teensy tiny screw!). I would recommend because it's worth it, but would also respectfully request engineering upgrade.



Batteries: Included
Materials: Plastic, Feather, Polyester
Category: Electronic
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