Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom

Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom Catnip Silvervine Plush Cat Toy Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom

Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom

The Mad Cat Magic Meowshroom will have your kitty high on life! This soft and silly toy is filled with a unique blend of premium catnip and silvervine that’s maximum potency, pure, and pesticide free. Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative that cats love, it elicits a similar reaction to catnip, and works for many cats who normally are not affected by catnip.


catnip + silvervine

Some cats LOVE catnip, but not all cats are affected by it. To solve this problem we developed our own unique blend of catnip and silvervine. Silvervine is a non-toxic, all natural catnip alternative that many cats actually prefer. This potent stimulant elicits a similar reaction to catnip, and is both safe and fun.

unique design

Mad Cat toys come in a wide variety of unique, silly, playful designs that are unlike any other cat toys. These wild and wacky toys are designed to be fun for both cats and their owners. Mad Cat toys are perfect for posting photos with your celebrity cat, but even better for playtime!

mixed materials

Mad Cat toys are made of soft, high-quality plush with fun accents such as string, crinkle, embroidery and, of course, our custom blend of catnip and silvervine! Ideal for tossing, batting, kicking, and cuddling.


*Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Butters

My cats enjoy playing with the mushroom with a face the most. Each have their favorites.

Connie Croston
Wonderful Toy

I looked everywhere for this toy and could never find it until I located it on your site. My cat loves this toy so much he holds it in his sleep! I also purchased a carrot for my other cat and while she likes it she is not as attached to it as my male is to his. However he keeps trying to "sneak" the carrot away from her and she is having none of that! I will continue to purchase Mad Cat Toys, they are the best.

Jonda Boggs

My dog chewed some of the edge off, lol, but the cat loved the mushroom!!!

Sierra Spangle

This is my cats favorite toy!!

Stefanie Klett
Magic Meowshroom is Magic!

Our cat instantly loved his Magic Meowshroom! It has become a favorite toy that he enjoys day after day. This is a high quality, durable toy that continues to provide ongoing enjoyment to our furry friend.



Size: 10 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm
Materials: Polyester, Cotton Rope, PP Stuffing, Catnip, Silvervine
Play Type: Catnip
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