Sprong Cone & Dome Small

Sprong Cone & Dome Small Lime Green Dog Toy Sprong Cone & Dome Small Sprong Cone & Dome Small

Sprong Cone & Dome Small

The Sprong® Cone & Dome is the ultimate foam-filled, fuzzy, and fun dog toy! Dogs love the super spongy squishiness, the soft and fuzzy texture, and the ultra-sensitive squeaker guarantees a squeak with every bounce. Squishy, squeaky, and doggy pleasy! Ideal for dogs under 25 lbs.

Comes in assorted colors, please allow us to choose one for you.


squeezably soft

Sprong! toys combine a soft, velvety outer-layer with a super squeezy, rubber foam inner-layer that’s designed to be gentle on dogs’ jaws and teeth.

modern shapes

The innovative design of Sprong! includes an assortment of unique shapes and sizes that feature easy-to-grip knobby details that are engineered to be dog-friendly.


The squishy foam construction makes Sprong! toys ultra-bouncy, while the super-sensitive squeaker ensures a guaranteed squeak with every bounce.


*Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy.

Customer Reviews

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Favorite toy

My Rottweilers favorite toy, she has carried her new red sprong ball all day!! Hard to believe she doesn’t tear them up

4 x Sprong Cone & Dome Small

Your products are great. My dog really loves them but there are 2 problems.
We can't seem to buy them anymore at the chain stores like Petco and Petsmart.
Second, please try and recess the squeak piece deeper so the dogs can't pull them out so fast. Once they don't squeak then my dog won't play with them any longer.

Hi Roy - Thank you so much for your feedback. We'll pass this on to our Product Development team. Don't worry, we'll always stock these Sprong products, so you can always come back and purchase directly from us. - Thanks
Not colorfast

I just bought my second Sprong for my Shih Tzu, as she so loved the first one, which was lost during travel. The first one was blue and I had no trouble with the color transferring. However, the new one is red and after she played with it for an hour (she really loves it), I looked at her white whiskers and they were all red! I tried to get it off, but the hair is still reddish. I rinsed the toy under hot running water, so I am hoping that will help, as she really loves this toy.

Perfect for small dogs with teeth issues...

Our rescue dog has very poor teeth, due to being chained up before we got him, and he tried to chew through the chain... so these soft toys allow him to get what few teeth he still has around the toy. We have bought 5 of them, and it's his primary toy.
The only drawback..the small plastic device that makes the squeak is fairly easily ejected during constant play, and the covering on the foam wears away, allowing small bits of foam to be detached.
I'm ordering more of them.... soft foam toys are extremely difficult to find!!


I saw this at our local walmart, and immediately thought "my beagle will LOVE that". Upon getting it home and giving it to Winchester (my dog), he ran around with it like a lunatic for a solid hour. SO much fun. I actually had to take it away from him and hide it because he was overdoing it (he's an older beagle). With that said, the ONLY issue i can see with this toy thus far is that the "velveti" soft plushy material on the outside appears to be wearing away rather quickly. Otherwise, considering my dog can chew through a tennis ball in a matter of minutes, this toy has held up quite wonderfully. I see no evidence yet of any tears, cracks, etc. I WAS worried that the dark blue color might transfer onto my lighter color furniture after being chewed on for an hour, however no stains noted yet. I would DEFINATELY buy more of these, and definately recommend!



Size: 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Materials: Latex Foam, Flocking (Coloring- Non-Toxic Vegetable Dye)
Play Type: Fetch, Chew-Soft
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