Sprong Hex Ball Small

Sprong Hex Ball Small Blue Dog Toy Sprong Hex Ball Small Lime Green Dog Toy Sprong Hex Ball Small

Sprong Hex Ball Small

The Sprong® Hex Ball is the ultimate foam-filled, fuzzy, and fun dog toy! Dogs love the super spongy squishiness, the soft and fuzzy texture, and the ultra-sensitive squeaker guarantees a squeak with every bounce. Squishy, squeaky, and doggy pleasy! Ideal for dogs under 25 lbs.

Comes in assorted colors, please allow us to choose one for you.


squeezably soft

Sprong! toys combine a soft, velvety outer-layer with a super squeezy, rubber foam inner-layer that’s designed to be gentle on dogs’ jaws and teeth.

modern shapes

The innovative design of Sprong! includes an assortment of unique shapes and sizes that feature easy-to-grip knobby details that are engineered to be dog-friendly.


The squishy foam construction makes Sprong! toys ultra-bouncy, while the super-sensitive squeaker ensures a guaranteed squeak with every bounce.


*Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy.

Customer Reviews

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Loves it!

We have at least 30 dog toys but for one of my Shih Tzus, these are the only toys that exist. She seems to love the shape and the material. However, I concur that they are definitely for light chewers and would not last long with a more aggressive chewer.

Love it

Cannot find these anywhere anymore, and theyre the only toys our dog will play with. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP MAKING THEM! Thanks! :)

Love Sprong

Small Sprong hex ball is the only ball my lab will play with. She's 9 yrs old and for the past 7 years that's the ONLY ball she wants. They are very hard to find. Stores do not carry them anymore. Thank goodness I can order from you otherwise my dog would not be playing ball anymore!! Truthfully that is the ONLY ball she wants in and out of the water!

Our favorite toy

We love Sprongs especially in the Summer for when the pups go swimming. In the winter it's the only toy that my dog will play with at the park. but once play is over the Sprong gets put away until the next day out.
Tennis balls does nothing nothing for them.

Sprong hex ball small

This is the only toy our dog will play with. We adopted him from the pound about a year ago, he was 2 years old then. We tried every toy in the store, he would not have anything to do with them. This sprong was the last toy to try. And he loves it!!! He will chase it , retrieve it, carry it around , even takes it in the bath with him. Sprong saved Rudy from having a empty life without toys. We have bought 5 of them his favorite color is purple. I don't know why but you can put other colors down and he will pick the purple one out every time.



Size: 8.8 cm x 8.5 cm
Materials: Latex Foam, Flocking (Coloring- Non-Toxic Vegetable Dye)
Play Type: Fetch, Chew-Soft
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