Waggish Small Dog Chewsie Bundle

Waggish Small Dog Chewsie Bundle Waggish Tiny Tuff Goose Small Dog Waggish Triple Chew Small Dog Waggish Braided Bone Small Dog

Tiny Tuff Goose, Triple Chew & Braided Bone

The Waggish Small Dog Chewsie Bundle is perfect for your pint-sized pooch who loves a lil' chew from time to time. This combo pack features three durable Waggish dog toys—Tiny Tuff Goose, Triple Chew and Braided Bone—plus HUGE savings. Perfect for small dogs or puppies!


Waggish Tiny Tuff Goose

This small yet mighty dog toy features ballistic nylon and cross stitching for added durability, a super squeaker, and a mix of plush and chenille fabrics for texture. Ideal for small dogs and puppies in need of a fun toy for fetching, chewing or cuddling.

Waggish Triple Chew

This foam-filled dog toy is the perfect size for your little one to carry. With three durable, bouncy rubber ends and a center covered in an irresistible tennis ball like material, this toy is great for chewing and ideal for fetching. 

Waggish Braided Bone

This lightweight dog toy is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. It's flexible yet durable and even floats on water. The unique textured surface feels great on dog’s gums but is soft on teeth. Ideal for small dogs and teething puppies.


*Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy.



Includes: Waggish Tiny Tuff Goose, Triple Chew & Braided Bone
Play Type: Chew-Medium, Fetch, Cuddle
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